Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iranian Islamist Thugocracy

It pains me to see and hear and read about what the Iranian Islamic Theocratic Thugs are doing to the Persian people fighting for freedom. And it pains me more (although I don't feel surprised at all, at all) to see how little our President Obama and the State Department seem willing to do to help.

Michael Ledeen writes at PajamasMedia:
Lessons Learned From Ten Days of the Iranian Uprising
There have been many — but the most resounding and the saddest is that the brave Iranian people are right to believe nobody in the outside world will help them. They’re on their own. (Also read Roger Simon: State Department Invites Iran Psycho-Killers to Fourth of July Parties and Richard Fernandez: The Kiss of Death)
Here's the link: Lessons Learned from Ten Days of the Iranian Uprising

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